Conferences and seminars

God is speaking to the church in Bulgaria that it is time for the church to stand up and take its rightful place. For this to happen, we need to be set free from wounds that stop us being everything that God wants us to be and allow Him to fulfill our hunger for intimacy and fruitfulness.

If we have not experienced the love of the Father and understood about our sonship and who we are in Him, we may be living from orphan thinking. God longs for us to walk, live and minister from a heart of sonship, knowing who we are in Him, not from the heart of an orphan with insecurities and wounds from the past  
Each one of us has a place in the Father’s heart where we can find acceptance, significance, security and healing.

Conferences can be adapted to run for one day or a full weekend, depending on your time constraints.

Freedom to Experience the Father’s Love

  • Our identity in Christ
  • Sonship –  Living as an orphan or a Son
  • Freedom from shame & rejection
  • Forgiveness
  • The Father’s love
  • The wounded heart

Foundations for marriage

  • Biblical foundations for marriage
  • Handling differences
  • Communication
  • Five love languages
  • Intimacy and hindrances
  • Forgiveness in marriage  

Day and half day seminars

Disability Awareness seminar

  • What is a disability?
  • Looking closer at disabilities
  • People with disabilities can achieve great things
  • Working with people in wheelchairs
  • Practical workshops to understand difficulties faced by people with a disability

Personal development seminar

Customer service

  • Business philosophy
  • Communication
  • Building an effective team
  • Responding to a changing market
  • Knowing  your strengths and weaknesses

Other topics include

  • Battlefield of the mind
  • Freedom from abuse
  • Freedom from abandonment and rejection
  • Daughters arise
  • Healing life’s hurts