Annual reports

I am convinced that our lives and the things we do need to be built on a firm foundation. Sometimes we walk past a building site and nothing seems to be happening for months but there is a great deal going on that we cannot see. During this time the preparation work and foundations have been laid, then suddenly, within a matter of days, huge great walls have been built and things progress very fast.

It is with this in mind that I write the first annual report as Director for Turning Point Foundation. I believe, in this first year, we have been laying firm foundations to build a successful organisation that will help people within the local community to better their lives and realise the potential that is within them.

We have been meeting with individuals and groups of people reviewing ways we can work together to help them and the local community. We have facilitated visits from people who have visited girls working on the streets and families in great need. We continue to work with and support Cedar Foundation and have helped with staff training and assessment of children with disabilities.

We are very grateful for the donation of books in four Bulgarian titles and some English copies of one of them.

Teaching materials
We have been writing and developing our own conference and teaching materials. In particular I would like to highlight the Seminar notes and Workbook which will enable delegates to work through issues more fully on their own if need be.  

Our website has been built in English and the Bulgarian version will be going live shortly

Postponed event
There are three important elements to running successful events, planning, preparation and timing. We were planning to hold an art and music event for local and UK artists in 2016 but postponed this and propose to hold it next year when a more suitable date will be available.
There has been a lot of hard work put in throughout the year and as we look forward to the year ahead we will build on the foundations that have been laid. We are planning to hold several conferences and seminars throughout the coming year.

Kevin Luck