Annual reports

This has been an exciting year for the foundation; it has been a time of steady growth and launching into several projects. We have written a comprehensive brochure which gives an overview of the projects we are involved in. I will mention just two key projects here.

1. Going Beyond Borders is an initiative that exists to:
-Raise awareness of adoption as a ministry of the church, deal with past hurts and wounds in the lives of pastors, leaders and the wider church, enabling them to minister from a heart of sonship rather than a wounded and orphaned heart.
Encourage collaboration between the Government agencies, ministries, NGOs and individuals who want to alleviate the plight of orphans
-This is a collaborative project between Turning Point Foundation and Eric of Home for Good Foundation who we have been working with when he visits Bulgaria for the last 2 years. This work is expanding and we are now starting to work in Serbia and we are planning for our first seminar there in late Sept 2017.    

2. Silo Publishing House.
Silo publishing will be the publishing arm of the Foundation, producing books and resources that complement the work and help people to reach their full potential by dealing with and resolving issues in their lives.

We visited Serbia in May and have now forged links with an organisation that will open doors to take Going beyond Borders into Serbia and surrounding countries.

On a recent trip to England we connected with several people who expressed interest in coming to serve Turning Point Foundation and its aims. These will be short term visits during 2018

Donation of books
We are grateful for the donation of 600 books - Am I a Good Girl Yet by Carolyn Bramhall in Bulgarian. In August Carolyn contacted us offering to visit Bulgaria in 2018 and we will facilitate her speaking at various meetings.

Kevin Luck